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    Condensers and Ribbon: Neumann U87 AI AKG C414 x2 Neumann Km184 x2 Aston Spirit x2 SE 2200 Rode NT5’s x2 Shure PG81 x2 Beyerdynamic M160 SE VR2 Dynamic: Sennheiser 906 AKG D12VR AKG D112 Solomon Mics LoFReQ Sub Kick Audix D4 Audix D2 Audix i5 Shure Sm7B Shure 545SD Unidyne Shure Sm57 x2 Shure Sm58 x3 AKG P4 Shure PG52 Shure PG56 X3 Soup Can Mic
    Gretsch New Classic 5 drum kit (maple) Pearl Masters Studio drum kit (birch, available on request) Sabian HH Cymbals Pearl Drum Hardware Roland TD3 Electronic drum kit Blackstar HT5R Guitar Amp Ampeg Rocket RB-112 100W Fender Telecaster Guitar Gretsch Electromagnetic Guitar Yamaha keyboard Piaggero NP-V80 Lanikai Ukulele Yamaha Electro-Acoustic guitar Kimbara Acoustic guitar 1957 Hofner Archtop Electro-Acoustic Squire Affinity Jazz Bass Various Guitar Pedals - overdrive, boost, wah-wah, chorus, reverb, delay, compression. Various Percussion
    Focal Shape 50 Monitors Mackie CR4BT JBL control speakers Cambridge Audio Amplifier Alto Pro TS212W Speakers Manley Core Reference Channel Strip Warm Audio WA273 2 Channel British Preamp ART Pro Mlv ll Valve Preamp Beyerdynamic DT 150 x2 AKG K72 headphones x2 Focusrite Clarett 8 Pre USB Focusrite OctoPre Mackie HM-400 Headphone amplifier Alesis Quadraverb multieffects Behringer rack-mount DI box (x4) Edirol interface UA-101 Allen and Heath GL3 12 in 6 out Analog mixing desk Mackie Big Knob studio monitor controller Mac Mini 3.2GHz i7 Daccapo Re-Amp Box
    Samsung 32inch 4K Monitor 8 Send 4 Return Stage Boxes USB Record Player Acoustic Screens x2 Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps CD Burner Speaker isolation pads Canon DSLR 500D GoPro Hero 9 Mac Magic Mouse, Trackpad and Keyboard Quicklock Boom Mic Stands Quicklock Short boom stands x3 Double Braced Keyboard Stand 6 Space Guitar stand SE RF-X Vocal Reflection Filter Music Stands
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