Our passion is to help musicians create professional quality recordings and media products, and to provide outstanding support and learning opportunities. All rates include an engineer or qualified teacher. Every project is different, so please contact us to discuss your personal requirements.


£25 per hour

£175 for an 8 hour day 

At Sunny studio we can record full bands to acoustic acts or voice overs. All recordings are made using Logic Pro X on Mac, using a variety of microphones (brands including AKG, ASTON, RODE and SHURE), an Allen and Heath Mixing desk, valve outboard gear and high quality plugins. We have an excellent selection of acoustic screens, mic stands, audio filters and acoustic treatment to help you produce recordings of the highest standard.


£30 per hour

Tony offers drum lessons for ages five and up, focussing on any aspect of drumming that you wish to develop, such as reading skills, playing with songs, improvising, learning songs and preparing for graded exams. Most lessons will include a variety of these areas. Tony has over eighteen years of live and studio drum experience, playing in original, function and musical bands. He’s also an experienced music teacher up to MA level. For full details click here and for a full list of qualifications click here.


£25 per hour

Sunny Studio offers all aspects of audio and video editing, including mixing and file conversion. Using Final Cut Pro, we are also able to produce and edit video content for artists, musicians, venues and showreels, ideal for projects such as YouTube promotional videos. 


£30 per Hour

Tony also provides Music Technology lessons, drawing on his MA in Music Education, a PGCE Music Teaching qualification, and a BSc in Music Technology and Audio Systems design. In addition, he has taught Music Technology for RSL, Btec and GCSE qualifications.

The lessons can be tailored to your needs, covering any aspect you wish to develop, including recording techniques, sequencing, programming, editing and much more. Tony also offers support to students taking Music Technology courses such as RSL or Btec.

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